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Why businesses need a website?

As small business owner you probably thinking  that website is not as much important to boost your business so today I going to prove that you are wrong by giving 10 reasons for why business need a website but before dive into it I like to show you statistic about internet users (check on wiki & on live)





  • Reach A Wider Audience

With the help of internet you can catch wider audience, people can buy your product directly from your website. Now your business is not limited for locally it become Worldwide so they easily share about you and your service or product so you will get better exposure and that will leads to higher seals rate.

  • Cheaper Than Print Advertising


Usually many business owner spend large amount of money for printing advertise like in newspaper, magazine ads etc. All these ads will helps you to reach more people but is it affordable as compare to the website? (cost of website: 70$/year)Making a website is become cheaper and cheaper as passing the days and also It is one time investment; up to one year so people can find you on internet till to that time


  •  People can hear your sound

Makes your sound louder by using a website, your website can provide your customer a better connection. Many people ignoring T.V, Radio or newspaper ads but having a website is more convenient and targeted; you are thinking how? So let’s take an Ex. Yesterday I need a person for computer reaping and twice days ago I also noticed ads about computer repair shop in newspaper but I wouldn’t try to find that ad on today in newspaper rather than finding on Google. I had started my computer and simply type on Google that “computer repair shop in Ahmadabad” and call that person from their website for repairing. Why I use Google for that because it is more easy and faster solution for me.You  get this opportunity only when you have a website on internet.

  • Open 24/7

A website is available to both your regular and potential customers 24/7/365 providing them with the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your store or office is closed. With today’s busy lifestyles, this is a great selling point when making a purchase decision.

  • Builds Trust & Credibility

On your website you can show your business license, experience, awards, business location, your digital signature to your customer that help to build trust and that will increase your seals’ rate.

  • Know your customer in better way

A website gives you a better analyzing capacity to analyze your customer demands and your impression on the peoples’ mind. how? Let’s take an Ex. I have a Restaurant and running polls or survey about my service on my website and gives small gift or discounts to that persons only who take part in my survey in this way I get feedback or review about my food  or service so that it can be help me to increase the quality of my food and a positive feedback will helps me to increase my restaurant reputation when I shows that to my customers’ That’s not up to this; website can be helps to spread your news about special offered to your subscribers, you can start forum or blogs on their site.

  • Customer conversation 

The connection between you and your customer is necessary for any business. Using website people can see your perfect location, send email directly from your site and they can call you for services, “LIVE CHEAT” feature of website helps to solve any problem regarding to your service or product.

  • Protect Your Brand


Website is not only for increasing your seals rate, it will also help to secure you brand online. What happen if your reputation is good on local aria and someone register website name which is near or exactly similar with your business name (and start ford)


  • website will gives you professional look for business


There was a time when people could find business information from Yellow Page or other place now that place is replaced by Google search engine so whenever people want to find service information they use Google and at that time if you are not their then you not only losing your customer but you also lose your impression because you don’t have a website that shows you are still living on old age. Having a website is not only a marketing strategy but also gives you professional looks for your business. In a same way when you giving your business card or when you give your contact information to customers, your custom email address ([email protected]) and your website will gives good impression rather than using [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Website can save your time

Your website is just like an online or virtual business card that will gives your all  all information about your product or service such as price and other details without calling you. Many times your services are useful but that would be not easy to understand that what & how it’s work and you will spending extra time to give that information to your client on every meeting rather than spending for your future planning or improving your services. instead of this you can upload explanatory video on your website and also you can start online store so It will not only working as your business card but also work as virtual sells-man.


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