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Website vs Facebook page

Every business owner understand the important of internet marketing so that you have decided to establish an online presence for your business many experience people says that you should build a website while new young entrepreneurs says that why you are going towards the making a website when you can make Facebook page easily free and reach millions of users.

Now which one do you are going to choose, your own website or a Facebook Page?

Note these thing are that making a Facebook page is easy; just sign up for Facebook and click on “create page” & start posting your content that’s it.!! You have done. But think twice on this strategy now a day’s everyone are on the internet but not everyone are on Facebook, people are not going to Facebook’s search for getting review or buying products they always choose Google. Facebook page will helps to build close connection with your upcoming customers or present customers but not gives full exposure. There are lots of question will comes when you are taking your 1st step; that’s why we have create wonderful infographic to give a right understanding

website vs Facebook page infograph

website vs Facebook page infographic

In my view both are important because both facebook page & website will helps to reach your customer.Facebook page helps to build strong connection with your customer while in other hand website will gives you more freedom,SEO benefits,strong professional appearance and software running capacity.whenever “sharing cycle” is working properly in social media; you will get best exposure in less time.In a same way when you will give sufficient effort into your site than your website will work as supper marketing tool.

Website can do what Facebook page can do(may be in less amount) but Facebook Page can’t do what website can do.so that having a website is more effective and that should be your 1st step in internet marketing.

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