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VPN or Virtual Privet Networks create an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your computer and the host server, with the internet traffic going in and out of the host server

This more safe then proxy

Your I.S.P or government can only see that you connect to the VPN server & which site you visited.

VPN is good for secure a new account and making secure business online & in windows X.P is so easy using this steps.

You need to

1) Make VPN server to share a files.

2) & Set up another computer to access them.

Step 1: go to control penal & Click Network and Internet Connections


Step 2: Now on left hand side Click Network Connections.


Step 3: Then New Connection Wizard will popup & Click Next.


Step 4: Now Choose last option “Set up an advanced connection & Click Next

Step 5: Choose Accept incoming connections. Click Next.


Step 6: You will see the Devices for Incoming Connections screen. Do not select anything on this screen. Click Next.


Step 7:Then-select allow virtual private connections. Click next.

Step 8:Select to whom you want to give access. Click Next. If a user is not listed, you will have to add an account


Step 9: Now you don’t need to do anything just click on Next.Finally! Your computer is now set up to allow for VPNs. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

NOW Set up another computer to access them. For that you should follow these steps.


Step 1: repeat steps till to Step 3(of setting up server).Then The New Connection Wizard will open. Click Next.

Step 2:Afterselecting connect to the network at my workplace and click next. Select Virtual Private Network connection.

Step 3:Type the name of company name (your network name) in the blank box. Click Next

Step 4: choose do not dial the initial connection (only for broadband users).

Step 5: Enter your IP address. This is you wrote down earlier and clicks next.

Step 6: select the connect type (Depending upon your requirement).

Step 7: Enter your user name & password then click on connect.

Step 8 then icon will comes on desktop or you can see on control penal & click on that icon then popup wind will show then click on connect & that’s it.!

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