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Have you ever wanted to share  your thought but that was not into your budget? do you have a local news paper but not stared online! may be your competitors’ has online news sites but you don’t have yet? DO you like to make online community & share your ideas or thoughts?  But don’t know how to make a blogging site without programming & don’t want to spend more money? No problem! We are here for making beautiful blogging website then you can post your thoughts, knowledge, story & even News “daily..!!” Without any scripting or html coding knowledge. Here how can blogging website will works, all you need to just send us your order that what kind of designing you need for that & that’s you are done! Then within a few day we will design beautiful website for you and you can start updating using open scores software that easy to use & more comfortable for you to making magazine, news paper site or a blogging site without programming, the wonderful thing is that when your site will become popular, you can monetize (make money) your site by putting ads on your site, Now a day many of people makes money in this way! You should find many of ads networks online easily & even offline (promoting small local business you will gets charged from them on monthly or weekly bases whatever you want & then you can post that ads on your site).The golden thing is that after putting those ads on your site, you can earn money even if you are going for sleep! & even you can write reviews & spooned post.

One important thing you must notice that you can’t post copyright, violence stores, photos & videos online If you will do that you will makes in a trouble & we are not responsible for that because we are just design website for you then it will becomes your.

One amazing and most important thinks is that now you can make “Membership site” which means you can stop your content for money so when people want to read your content they must signup & gives money for that those money securely goes to your bank account, so let’s make your Membership site.

Benefits & feature

of Newspaper website

1)  Easy to share you passions, stories, news etc.

2)  You can block specific country for your site.

3)  Fast & easy way to make money.

4)  You can handle yourself without programming

     (we will teach you how you can handle it with

     our easy tutorials)

5)  Even you can make for private (for 10 people,

     20 people etc.)

6)  You will get your RSS Feed

7)  Easily connects with other social site like

     facebook, twitter etc.

8)  You can stop, moderate & delete comments

     from your blog post.

9)  Full support

10) low price website with best quality web


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Please contact us before giving the order because it’s good for us that we understand your requirement.