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Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

You often think that which Marketing technique is good for you? Or which consultant you have to hire? Or what are the Difference between Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing? because they both are doing the same things and they both are supposed to be targeted to a specific group and more of your competitors are hiring an internet marketing consultant and also an internet marketing terms is new for you; as special for these who are not get in touch with technology and they always facing confusion in how it’s working and what should they do for internet marketing? Let’s see Internet marketing vs. Traditional marketing but before that we should understand what is internet marketing?

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing or online marketing is defines as advertising and marketing efforts to achieve your sales by powerful tools such as website, emails and tracking software.it is the process of marketing your company using the Internet. It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing elements and uses a range of technologies to help connect businesses to their customers.

This is the simple infograph that helps you to understand which one is better in which filed.

Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing-infographicInternet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing-infographic

Let’s see the summery

  • Cost: There is no more cost difference between two because it all depends upon the scale of your advertising budget. But Traditional marketing promotes your product or service by ads on paper, billboard, television, radio, etc. while on other hand internet marketing use email marketing, SEO, social marketing, affiliate marketing type of tools. which are not costlier as traditional marketing
  • Number of audiences : Internet marketing has faster and long lasting effect so it’s targeting large number of people but traditional marketing become more effect targeted customer, although Internet marketing is good if you are specially target to teenager and business person.
  • Time to take an action: Making flyers, printing ads may takes more time to produce their effect. Radio T.V, newspaper, magazine ads are has shorter duration of period while on other side in making website, email marketing, PPC ads gives instant results .The main things is that digital content are easily sharable and that make main differences . If you like something on internet such as article, video or image (and those whole content is direct or indirectly connected with your and promoting your business for free!) you can easily share this to your friends and family.
  • Duration of action: Let’s take an example to understand why traditional marketing is considered as short acting. The newspaper where your high-cost business advertisement appeared in is going to throw the next day. On the other way, your online coverage will be always there for like forever. It will be archived on the internet and ready to be found easily whenever your customers need it.
  • Sales rate: Still people don’t trust on online payment and Human has tendency to trust on people not on a machine that’s why your sales person is become more faithful than your web application and generation more sales. These both reasons are giving litter bit higher sales rate from traditional marketing.
  • Strength of spreading: There is no doubt that your investment under internet marketing will affect globally.
  • Tracking: It is difficult to keep track of your traditional marketing strategy. You need to put a lot of effort and time-consuming research to get information how your customer behavior against your products but online marketing has lots of software that gives information every clicks, every visit duration, which age, country and type of people seen your ads and more (you can get all information about your progress) so you will have right understanding for where your money is waste, where you have to spend or not more money, Which type of ads you have show. Due to these information your ads will reach up to the targeted people and that increase your sales rate by spending less money in advertising.

As above mention that traditional marketing can give more sales rate on some circumstances but you have to observer other factors like cost. Ex in most cases if you will spend 2000$ for traditional marketing and sell 10 product while on other hand you will spend 500$ on internet marketing and you will get 7 product selling! The only thing I want to say that all though traditional marketing can increased sales rate little bit but it’s less as compared with cost.

  • Over 95% of consumers use online media before making a local purchase (source)
  • 90% of Internet searches led to a follow up action like contacting or visiting a business (source)

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