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How to increase internet speed in android without hacking

How to increase internet speed in android without hacking

Today’s everybody want high speed internet connection because Internet has become a Source For Every Kind Of Information where you can Fulfill all your Needs, people get addicted and spending more money for that but instead of these they have to push their phone’s limits to increase internet speed. Here you will learn 10 ways to increases your internet connection without hacking in android. But before started please make sure you test your current network speed app using speedtest.net

  1. Change DNS sever: use Google DNS server because in many case it’s faster than your ISP but still it’s depend on your location. To change your DNS server in android you have to root your android device and use Set DNS app
  2. Use UC brewers or opera: This type bowers reduce your data usage and they have control over image loading, font size, and image quality under settings. Your internet speed will increase obviously because you are using less data.
  3. Factory reset: It’s necessary if there are any malware or viruses in your phone which will decrease your speed. I don’t recommend any software or app as antivirus because there is no any comparison with factory reset and it will increase my all processes in android but please take back up before factory reset.
  4. Stop accessing background usage of data by other app.:This is second most affecting point for decreasing your internet speed. You can give permission to particular app for accessing internet connection using Noroot firewall app.
  5. Manually delete app cache.
  6. Chose right preferred networks and access point name by asking to your service provider.
  7. Chose tubemate for downloading videos.
  8. The main factor which depends on internet speed in android is the network signal strength your region has. So keep tracking your signal and if do not have full network then ask your ISP.
  9. Delete unassay android apps and do not download apps outside the app store.
  10. Daily switch off your phone and restart again.

Of course none of these will turn your 3G phone in to a 4G powerhouse but these trick are work for me and I’m sure these also helps you to increasing your internet speed. I want to know your result so please comment your result below.

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