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Important of internet security

why internet security is imaportat

Everybody knows that internet security is branch of computer security related with internet, often involving browser security, network security and your privacy. when you are entering in internet world your security is as necessary as your real or physical world’s security, here we are going to share some easy but effective tutorial, tips and trick which makes you stronger and gives your secure environment. first here we will describe about how hacker and some bad companies can hack your privacy and how can we prevent them then you will learn some anti hacking skill to stop being hacked and at final some extra tips & safe usage of Smartphone and many more which makes you smarter and secure internet user, I hope you will join this blogs and get full info about it.because incomplete or lacking of knowledge is more dangerous for you and more easier for hackers.

  • Why online Privacy is important
    Have you ever tries to find more information about someone on Facebook? In same why due to some reason, may be someone tries to get your Privet information from your daily internet activities & tries to hack your Facebook, Gmail, PayPal, bank etc account! How did you feel? It’s not hard to tacking some online! They can know what you are searching on internet? Where you live? How you look? And many more (how they can do that?). Privacy helps individuals maintain their autonomy and individuality Right! It’s also important for
    • Personal identity
    • To protect against spamming
    • Maintaining safe E- Banking.
    • Preventing credit card scam.
    • Maintaining your business security online.

Now everybody knows how important it is. I’m going to tell you that how and what data can hackers and other companies collecting from you then you can easily understand how to prevent these.
you are probably thinking about that I don’t have Internet banking & I’m not a famous  person so why would someone want to track me?
-I.P address for tracking your location.
-Email address for spam.
-Physical address for sending product information.
-Phone number for telemarketing.
-web browsing habitats for targeting banner ads.

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