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How to check your Gmail is hacked

We often hear in the news that hackers hack someone’s account. More over most of the time people won’t even realize even if Gmail is hacked. It’s not so easy to hack Gmail account but still we are careless in some movement about our Gmail security so that golden chances could be couch by hacker and they will hacked your Gmail account’s password that’s way we always paranoid about our Gmail account but now you don’t need to think  that much about Gmail security because here we learn some way to know that how to check that your Gmail is hacked or not.Many times hacker doesn’t want acknowledge to you about his activities so in that case these all method become very useful.

Method 1: Check Last Account Activity

Last account activity shows you information about recent activity in your mail. Recent activity includes any time that your mail was accessed using a regular web browser, a POP client, a mobile device, a third-party application etc.

To do that scroll down your Gmail window at that bottom click on “Detail” the then a on popup window will open that shows your login I.P then check location based on I.P address on www.infobyip.com.

Method 2: check for access to tokens.

Many hackers want to download all your emails from your Gmail so they might by authorized some app to download

You should check your permission for website or app.


Method 3 check whither you get warning email from Gmail

or not?

Some time Gmail send warning to this account or other email account which is connected with this account


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