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After become regular user of internet you probably find website ads are displaying based on your last visits or your likes and dislikes so important to know that how do they do it and how can we avoid that tracking? Many website owner tracks their visitor to get better sales rate based on your internet habits using cookies and other methods but that not always happen ,many time website owner gives some part of the website to advertising companies and they do their job for other business owners in this way that website owners gets little bit of money to sealing that ads place and other hand those business owners get more sales because in this case advertising company would help them to giving targeted visitors by tracking us using cookies and other methods. It is ok if you don’t have problem for displaying those ads but if you want to stop tracking so please follow these steps

Step 1 Delete cookies from browser

Internet cookies or HTTP cookies one kind of script which act as identifier for website, ex when you go example.com website and that will ask your name with popup box when you submit your name that will store cookies, so next time when you visit that website they will not ask your name again. In some cases cookies can dangerous but really depends on website developers, many website like Facebook, Google are use that cookies for better performance such as in login system or other purpose (you should check their privacy policy) infect many website doesn’t work properly without cookies. Learn how to remove cookies

Step 2  Avoid website tracking by changing browser settings

(Images based on version)

Go to chrome browser setting>option>under the hood>Network (section)>change proxy setting>privacy tab step privacy high and change the setting based on your requirement (steps given in image)

Step 3) Use different email addresses for different things

, i.e. an email for work, a personal email, and an email you give to online stores.  This makes it harder for companies to flesh out a profile of you. You can also use an email cloaking device like Gliph.( Android/iOS/Web: Encrypted chat service Gliph already gives you disposable emails and secures your mobile messages, but their new GliphMe service lets you chat privately with anyone, even if they’re not using Gliph.)

step 4) Use Dot track plus or Ghostery browser plugin

Ghostery a cost-free privacy browser extension for Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome owned by the privacy technology company Evidon.get more understanding by watching this video

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