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  • What is Star Rating gadget?

using Star Rating gadget your visitor can gives their Rating for that particulate post and also count that how many time and how much rate you get.

Every blogger users know that blogger don’t have this kind of rating gadget & the Star Rating gadget important because it is not show only does blogger reader like your article but other new blogger reader also can know about it.Many reader doesn’t like to use comment system,facebook like  or twitter tweets due to their privacy but in Rating gadget the doesn’t need to login or any thing so  Rating in Blogger  is most use full and easy tool for knowing your visitors.

  • How to Add Star Rating in Blogger Posts?

The steps are so easy for adding Rating Star gadget into blogger, just open up your Post editor and go to your html area and paste your below code where you want to show this gadget

<script src="http://widget-engine.com/w:0:003:13821595858140:1:000:40" type="text/javascript"></script><a href="http://widget-engine.com/ratingcode.php" title="Free Rating Code for your webprojects"></a><a href=”http://gigabyteservice.com/web-designin” rel="dofollow"target=”_blank” title=”Make free website in india”> </a></div>

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