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why hacker are waiting for world cup 2015

protect your self from online scam in world cup 2015

Not only we are but the hacker, spammers and online scammers are also waiting for world cup 2015 because YOU are waiting for world cup. For spammers and scammer crowd = money and for hackers number of silly people =fun+money.Millons of people lose more than $12B last year through scammers and spammer now  it’s golden chance for those cruel people to earn that much amount of money during this world cup season. Let’s discuss how scammers can earn money in this season.

What scammer and hackers can do in world cup 2015 season

  • 1st they will think about making money by advertising through fake and malicious sites that claiming to offer live streaming services for free. When you see the internet in a slightly different way you may realized that on internet people = money,how? companies need to sell their products so they giving money to ads network sites or companies then many scammers and spammers will make their registers for those networks and earn money from those networks by displaying their ads over live strumming site. Many spammers will not only stick over their own spamming site but they also want to earn money from others’ site by displaying their advertise, for that; they offers you a CPA offers as fees of watching cricket match and you must have to download a software or completing the survey by submitting your information for email spamming! IN first side it’s look a useful software but actually it will do something wrong like sends your privet information to hacker,adding add-ons in your browser without your permission you see many pop-up ads during surfing.
  • Send bulk emails to a large number of users all over the world with online shopping coupons. (that’s not any surety).
  • They will make fake site that looks like official site of the cricket World Cup then ask you to make registration or subscription and redirect you to fake payment gateway to steal personal and financial information.
  • Sends you phishing emails(see what is phishing emails)or giving you match fixing information and tell you to take part in betting.(there is 50% chances for one team to win that match means they will always 50% right and in next match they will again send those spammy match fixing email to those 50% people who got right match fixing news on last email. IN this way they build a trust and you will become victim of those spammers.)
  • Scammers will offerces you discount or free tickets for world cup 2015 for completing their surveys.

How to get protection form world cup 2015 scams

The last and most powerful weapon is knowledge! so why not give this weapon to your friends and family by just sharing this post! And stop spammers and hacker in this world cup season

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