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What is Facebook’s new app “ROOMS” that allows user to make posts even with fake names!


What is Facebook’s new app “ROOMS”

What is Facebook’s new app “ROOMS”

Rooms lets you create places for the things you’re passionate about. There are many people on facebook those are more interested in what you know and what type of skills you have then who you are or what is your life-style and how many friends you have. Facebook has introduced new IOS app(right now is only for ISO device ) on October 23, 2014 called “ROOMS” for those that they are not only want to become social butterfly. Most Amazing things are that Rooms is ad-free at the moment, as Facebook and you can use any username for different ROOM!

What can you do with ROOMS?

A room is a feed of photos, videos, and text – not too different from the one you have on Instagram or Facebook – with a topic determined by whoever created the room. You can

  • Create a ROOM on any topic you dream up.
  • Invite your friends (invitation feature is make this app difference from other apps. You can’t join a ROOMS unless you have invite QR code. All ROOMS are secretes because there is no searching tool for finding them)
  • You can change the design and layout of the ROOM.
  • User can make their own rule and kick out the bad members.
  • User can make different username for different chat.


What are the requirements for ROOMS?

You do not need a Facebook account but you must have IOS device.

Where Can I download this app?

Checkout their official site http://www.rooms.me/

How can I make ROOMS ,invite my friends and delete app ?

Creating a ROOM: Click on the create ROOM button on left bottom corner of the app, then give the name, description, choose color, set the permissions and nick name for that ROOM.

Post in the ROOM: click on plus sign on right corner, then write or upload any image or anything you want.

Inviting your friends: there is invite button at right lower corner; just click on it and send the picture of QR code.

Deleting the ROOM: first of all come out from the room if you are in the room then drag that ROOM (upper side). Finally you will find leave button and click on it.

What is QR code in ROOM app?

It’s one type of key to enter into the for new person so that if you want to join that particular you must have QR code.

What is difference between Facebook groups and Facebook’s app ROOMS?

In ROOM you can change the layout or theme for your ROOM and you must have QR code but don’t need a Facebook account and ROOM is totally private thing.

Facebook's ROOMS app's RQ code

Facebook’s ROOMS app’s QR code

Conclusion for Facebook’s ROOMS app.

In my view it’s similar to the WhatsApp groups.

The differences are:

1) you do not need QR code for Whatsapp groups and

2) you do not need to share your mobile number for ROOMS.

Facebook might be thinking that people will use that app for sharing knowledge or show their skills with other person that has similar interest but I think many people will use it just for fun, just like whatsapp groups. That’s it. Enjoy this new app and if you want to get more info about it then visit http://www.rooms.me/ and if you have any question or some information is missing then comment it bellow.

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