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What are the difference between Viruses, worm, and Trojan?

People have always misconception for Viruses, worm, and Trojan horse then they refer to worm and Trojan as Viruses .All though all are malicious programs can cause damage to your computer but still all are slightly difference based on their ability of damaging your computer. Knowing those differences can help you better protect your computer from their often damaging effects. Some of malicious program not only damaged your computer but also sends your privet and finical information to malicious users.

What are viruses?

A virus is a small malicious program that gets into your computer undetected in order to cause havoc. This is small software program that developed to disasters for other people’s computer. Viruses mostly attached with useful program(in most cases viruses will attached with .exe fill but that doesn’t mean that all .exe fill is harmful) then it will automatically embed in one computer during running process of that program and it can also infected to other computer but the main important things is that viruses can’t spread itself. Other computer infected only through human activates (when we run infected program then it will start spreading)some viruses can produced milady annoying effect or some can damaged your system or even hardware.

What are the worms?

Worm is the similar as viruses in design manner. It also travels one computer to other but alike a virus it has capability to travel without any human action. The main dangers things with worm is that it has self replication capacity so it will gives large damaging effect on processing speed on system and in server and network worm can consume too much memory or network bandwidth.

What is Trojan horse?

In 1st look Trojan horse looks useful software but after installing that software it will damaged to computer. Trojan horse is mostly design to annoying actives in computer such as changing icons on desktop, replicate the files or even deleting important files for system. It also used to create backdoor for sending your personal and financial information to malicious users that will helps to hacked your bank account or other useful accounts on internet.

Sefl RaplicationNoYesNo
Spreadby human activitiesItselfby human activities
What can doannoying effectconsume high memory and network bandwidth and also slow down computercan deleting files and send data to hackers

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