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If you are a doctor, C.A, teacher web developer or may be special in any filed and people are asking many questions many times on phone, just think about it what happen if you can earn money from that phone calls yes now you can ! if you’re going to making a consulting website with us that can be possible every time when someone calling you, you will gets paid from that & not for every time & it’s minute basis also

Benefits & feature of CONSULTING WEBSITE

1)      Email notification

2)      Get data record.

3)      People can take appointment.

4)      Minute basis calculation(earn money minute


5)      Autopilot

6)      Your number not going on public(if you going

         to chose toll free number )

7)      Safe money transfer process

8)      SSL  certificate

9)      Spam control system.

10)   You can block some country if you want.

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Please contact us before giving the order because it’s good for us that we understand your requirement.