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5 new menu bar for blogger

Few days ago I noticed that there is no good tutorial for making menu bar in blogger on internet.There are few tutorials and those don’t give beautiful and attractive menu bar so I have great tutorial for that.Looks of website is always important that’s why new fancy menu bar is better then having old boring […]

How to make sliding social tabs for blogger in 2013

This tutorial about how to make new social tabs for blogger.Every body know why social media is so important;Social media has become an indispensable part of our personal lives. Facebook has become an integral part of 1/6th of the world’s lives and counting all its members, is the 3rd largest country in the world next […]

How to Add Star Rating in Blogger Posts

What is Star Rating gadget? using Star Rating gadget your visitor can gives their Rating for that particulate post and also count that how many time and how much rate you get. Every blogger users know that blogger don’t have this kind of rating gadget & the Star Rating gadget important because it is not show only […]

How to convert your blog into voice for blogger

Convert your blog into voice for blogger it’s very useful for bloggers because many people doesn’t like to read long articles and blogs so you can give them your blogs into voice by using  text to voice convention blogger widget.Now people don’t leave your site and stay connect with you and blogs and you can get more traffic for […]