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How to avoid spam emails

spam mailMany times you noticed that your inbox is filled with unwanted emails. Those types of emails are sending by bots or machine & they would waste lots of time. Some time when you click on the link that will lead to phishing site or malwares. Spam email is big problem on the internet. The best way to avoid spam is not getting on spammers’ lists in the first place.

Step 1 thinks twice before giving your email to someone.

When you sign up for something on the Web, there is often some innocent-looking text at the end of the form saying something like: “YES, I want to be contacted by select third parties concerning products I might be interested in.” Quite often, the check-box next to that text is already checked and your email address will be given to you don’t know who. Avoid that by looking carefully before submitting form.

Step 2 make temporary email address.

Making temporary email is good idea to protect against spammers, getairmail.com gives you temporary email address but sometime this type of  email take you into trouble (you should use yahoo, Gmail as temporary for one month or less time)

Step 3 Identified spammers email address & block them

www.sistersofspam.co.uk/Scam_Email_Addresses_1.php provide list of scam email address which you can search on it and block them.List of spam email address http://www.stopforumspam.com/

Gmail: How to block unwanted messages check this video


Step 3: simply unsubscribe.

prevent spam

Many advertising email have unsubscribe feature just click on it & you will unsubscribe their “email newsletter” then next time they will not send you an email.

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